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Our Legal Practice Areas

What We Provide


Real Estate and Property Law

Sultans Law have developed substantial experience in all aspects of property and real estate law. We provide our services to local and foreign clients within the Egyptian and Syrian markets. Our real estate knowledge and experience enables us to advise regional and international developers, investors, contractors, financial institutions, operators, retailers and governmental entities in relation to all aspects of real estate legal practice, including:

  • Licensing real estate developing companies and advising on legislative & regulatory issues. 

  • Advise on real estate investment funds, real estate warranties, different types of mortgages, insurance and issues related to buying and selling residential or commercial real estate.

  • Assist in the preparation and analysis of contracts and contractual relationships.

  • Performing legal due diligence and identity any risky area.

  • Contract interpretation and procedures during the course of a project involving a real estate as an asset.

Corporate and Commercial Law

We advise clients on a range of business transactions, varying from simple business setup and restructuring to complex commercial transactions. We represent clients in domestic and international mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, private equity, including funds formation, investments & portfolio company transactions and corporate governance.

The strength of our team comes not only from our in-depth knowledge and experience of laws and regulations but also from our awareness of local regulatory practices achieved through close working relationships with regulatory authorities and ministries.

Our Expertise

We are always looking to support our clients and secure their due performance of business activities and protect their rights and interests. In the area of corporate and commercial law, we mainly perform the following:

  • Business set up

  • Advice on corporate structuring, restructuring, reorganization and licensing

  • Drafting, reviewing and advising on joint ventures, shareholders agreements, commercial agencies, distribution and franchise agreements

  • Advising on Project finance and corporate tax

  • ​Advising on Letters of Credit and Bills of Lading

  • Advising on mergers and acquisitions transactions

  • Due diligence according to the scope of business

  • Regulatory advice, strategy and compliance

  • Preparation of agreement and general business terms according to the scope of business

  • Ensure the right implementation of corporate governance principles for listed companies, institutional investors, private equity players, board committees, directors and others

  • Advising on corporate matters connected with government tendering

  • Advising government authorities on regulatory frameworks to attract foreign investment and facilitate corporate incubation


Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Our creative, energetic litigation team is the heart of Sultans Law's dispute resolution practice. We offer a range of tools and services in relation to both local litigation and international arbitration.

Initially, we focus on resolving the dispute to the benefit of the client without substantial legal involvement whether through negotiation, mediation or alternative dispute resolution techniques.


Our areas of litigation expertise include commercial litigation, real estate, corporate and shareholder disputes, fraud, debt recovery, bankruptcy litigation, employment, IP disputes, partnership and negligence.

In today's troubled real estate market, we have a specific focus on real estate disputes and are skilled at handling cases that involve landlords, tenants, property developers, contractors, investors and individual owners before all courts.


International Arbitration

Sultans Law has a significant practice in international dispute resolution and arbitration. Members of our international arbitration team have acted as counsels in numerous arbitrations and have experience in enforcement proceedings of arbitral awards against private entities, foreign governments and government instrumentalities.

In addition to handling arbitrations, we anticipate the potential for disputes and often assisting clients with negotiating and drafting arbitration agreements to protect their rights in international transactions and ensure the highest chances of enforceability.


International Trade Law

In today's global economy, with countless interconnected markets, customers are just as often on another continent as they are down the street. For this reason, businesses operating internationally regularly face complex and evolving legal and regulatory frameworks that affect where their goods and services are delivered, by whom and how fast. 
With these dynamics at play, and with our clients’ expanding interests in mind, Sultans Law's International Trade practice has long offered informed and effective guidance on all aspects of international trade law, we are ideally positioned to tackle the full gamut of international issues facing our clients. 
We combine this experience with in-depth industry knowledge and diverse jurisdictional understandings to advise on export, import and shipping and financing for these goods and services


The area of employment law is one of the riskiest spheres of the management of an entrepreneur. In order to enhance the protection of our clients we advise on all aspects of employment law in the public and private sectors, whether onshore or within the free zones, including: 

  • Assisting in drafting employment contracts, internal HR policies, disciplinary, dismissal and grievance procedures

  • Advising on all aspects of employment such as leave and entitlement to overtime, maternity leave, extensions of notice periods, end of service payments and retirements

  • Representation in employment law disputes should the need arise

intellectual property law.jpg

Intellectual Property

As the global economy grows, the protection of intellectual property rights becomes a very real concern especially for companies expanding beyond their home territories. 
In order to secure the IP rights of our clients, our dedicated trademark team manages broad expertise in counselling and representing companies in copyrights, design rights, patents & trade secrets and other IP matters. Also, our team has many years of experience advising on all manner of IP disputes.
Moreover, and since both Egypt and Syria are members of the World Intellectual Property Organisation, our team will advise on the full extent of protection offered by both domestic regulations and the relevant WIPO Treaties.

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